2659 Rue Narvick, Yaoundé, Cameroun 24h/24 +237 695-953-666



    Ultimate experience like no other
    One of the most exciting leisure brand in Cameroon in years – These guys have years of experience and it shows, from the decor to the presentation – perfect!



    Ultimate experience
    Do you know Black&White?
    But yes, the Bar – Lounge – Restaurant with its particular bamboo design and open to the outside world that can be found mainly in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé.


    It all started in 2011, the Black&White was just a simple bar, a place of entertainment like you can find everywhere in Cameroon. Gradually, it diversified and grew with the main objective of being the leader in Africa in terms of entertainment.

    Black&White is an effective and recognizable branding wherever it is established in Cameroon. As its name suggests, it is an energizing place with moonlight colours, decorated with bamboos, specific to the company. You are entitled to it no matter where you are.


    Over time, it continues to grow and diversify as its reputation continues to grow. You have among others the following versions of the Black&White:

        Black&White Sensation (Bastos – Yaoundé): 2011;
        Black&White SportsBar (Djeuga Palace Hotel – Yaoundé): 2015
        Black&White Lounge (Bonanjo – Douala): 2017
        Black&White Terrace (Bonanjo – Douala): 2017
        Black&White Light – Limbe (Fini Hotel – Limbe): 2010
        Black&White Light – Obili (Carrefour Obili – Yaoundé): 2019
        Black&White Light – Stewardship (Carrefour Intendance – Yaoundé): 2019
        Black&White Light – Tsinga (Tsinga Sub-prefecture – Yaoundé): 2020
        Black&White Light – MvogMbi (Carrefour MvogMbi – Yaoundé): 2020


    Ultimate experience
    You have already been able to observe it from afar or have taken part in events that have taken place there, regardless of the place or the city.
    At Black&White, we come out of curiosity because it is a real trendy and chic place, we stay there out of conviction. Its atmosphere, charm and originality in terms of services and design make it a place of choice for entertainment.